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Our Work

What is Our Work?

We focus our collective efforts around community goals, strategies and indicators of success to change community conditions that improve lives in meaningful, long-lasting, and measurable ways. See our Strategic Plan 2014 -2020.

United Way of York County creates opportunities by focusing on the building blocks of life:

Lifelong Learning supports children learning from birth, youth succeeding in school and adults accessing educational opportunities related to parenting, career and more. Our work includes:

Financial Stability for Individuals and Families includes access to economic and supportive assets (such as childcare, transportation, etc.) for adults and youth that are prepared to engage in the community and the workforce. Our work includes:

  • Funded Programs that support financial stability for individuals and families, including food, clothing, shelter, child care and transportation.
  • Keep York County Warm - Bringing together teams of community volunteers to help sponsor and install various weatherization kits for low-income and disabled homeowners.
  • Keep Maine Warm - Providing additional resources for heating assistance across the state. This year, United Way of York County distributed more than $11,000 locally.
  • Financial Stability Steering Committee - Working with a group of statewide nonprofits and businesses to increase financial stability for Mainers.
  • York County Youth Financial Education Fund - Promoting access for children and youth to financial education that lead to financial literacy.

Healthy Foundations for Life start with children being raised in safe and nurturing homes, support youth choosing healthy behaviors and ensure that adults have access to quality health care of all types. Our work includes: