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United Way of York County believes that during times of crisis, our community members should not have to worry about things other than their own health.


FamilyWize negotiates fair drug prices directly with major pharmacies like CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens. We pass the savings onto our members, free of charge.

To start saving with FamilyWize, a member just needs to show the savings card to their local pharmacist whenever they fill a prescription at a participating pharmacy. The discount will be automatically applied to the retail price of the drug. 

Members can use their card as often as they want. Cards do not expire. Cards may also be used for family members’ prescriptions and shared with friends. 

FamilyWize is a partner of United Way Worldwide because just like us, they share the view that the best way to improve lives is by mobilizing the caring power of a community. Even if you have insurance, the FamilyWize card works as a supplment to ensure you receive the best prices for prescription drugs. There is no cost to you or your family for this discount card and there are no enrollment or eligibility requirements. 

Call the FamilyWize toll free number at 1-800-222-2818 today.

To learn more and get your FREE card online go to:

Enter your zip code below into the FamilyWize Saving Calculator to see your savings on certain prescription.

For more infomation: Click Here