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Funded Programs and Eligibility

Each year, we make strategic financial investments in the priority areas of Bright Beginnings, Connected Youth and Supportive Services. Local nonprofit organizations that have successfully completed our Eligibility Review process and that provide key services supporting youth of all ages, their families and our senior citizens are eligible to apply for funding. 

How Local Community Investment Decisions are Made:

Eligibility: In order for a program or initiative to be considered for funding, the sponsoring organization must go through United Way of York County's Eligibility Review process. All reviews are conducted by a team of experienced volunteers with backgrounds in financial and nonprofit management called the Eligibility Subcommittee; this group is a a subcommittee of UWYC's Finance Committee.

Eligible Organizations: Each year, the group of organizations that have successfully completed an Eligibility Review and that provide health and human service programs are included on a list of United Way of York County Eligible Organizations. These organizations may submit proposals for consideration of program or initiative funding and are included in other combined campaigns in which UWYC participates.

Our Community Investments:  View currently funded initiatives and programs here.