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Kittredge Award

The Elise Kittredge Award is an annual award given in recognition of a person, or persons, who through the exceptional contribution of time, talent and/or financial resources to United Way of York County has helped our organization improve the quality of life for the people of York County in a vital and enduring way.

The Hussey Family

2016 Recipient of the Elise Kittredge Award

The 2016 Kittredge Award was given to the Hussey Family, owners of Hussey Seating Co. in North Berwick. Martha and the late Phil Hussey were instrumental in supporting the formation of United Way of York County in 1986 and contributed many years of service to the organization. That tradition has continued with children Tim, Anne, Jonathan, and Rich. 
Tim joined the Board of Directors in 1996 and served until 2003. During is tenure, Tim served as campaign chair, board chair, strategic planning chair and treasurer. Anne worked extensively with the organization as a loaned executive in 1999. Rich joined the Board of Directors from 2004 to 2005 and served on the Human Resources Committee. Jonathan joined the Board in 2014, and serves on the Community Review Team and is incoming chair of that committee. The Hussey family has brought a thoughtful, caring approach and willingness to pitch in — all qualities United Way of York County has come to associate with this amazing family.
Past Kittredge Award Recipients

1997 ~ Barbara Holt

1998 ~ Mary Nobert

1999 ~ Dennis Eagleson

2000 ~ Barbara Poirier

2001 ~ James Willey, Jr.

2002 ~ John Kittredge

2003 ~ David Jagger

2004 ~ Jud Knox

2005 ~ Ted Damon

2006 ~ Joel Stevens

2007 ~ Gordon Collins, Jr.

2009 ~ George Lambert

2011~ Paul Wainman

2014~ Linda Bishop

2015~ Jim Fitzgerald

In Tribute

Elise Kittredge was a very special friend of United Way of York County and many other community organizations as well. A resident of Biddeford Pool, Mrs. Kittredge possessed a rich vitality, zest for life and profoundly caring spirit until her death in 1996. She strongly believed  in United Way and its ability to touch many issues, organizations and people with just one gift. The impact of her generosity reached far across York County, Maine and beyond.  

Elise Kittredge believed wholeheartedly that she had been blessed with good fortune and that it was her responsibility to generously share her time, talents and financial resources with those in need. Giving to others gave her tremendous joy. Yet, she gave quietly and with great humility – working behind the scenes and never seeking wide public recognition. It is our privilege to have known this fine woman and to honor her memory by paying tribute to others who emulate and demonstrate that same caring spirit through United Way of York County.


Award nominees will have demonstrated a dedicated contribution to United Way of York County in one or more of the following ways:

TimeNominee has invested a substantial amount of time as a volunteer in United Way of York County projects/initiatives and by that involvement has clearly contributed to United Way of York County's mission and work.  Nominee has set an extraordinary example of service and motivated others to follow in their footsteps.

TalentNominee has contributed special abilities and skills otherwise not available or affordable to United Way of York County. This contribution has helped support the organization’s mission and freed up financial/human resources for the benefit of community members served by United Way of York County’s efforts.

Financial ResourcesNominee has been a loyal and/or leadership donor to United Way of York County.