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United Ways of Maine

The state of Maine has 10 independent United Ways working to advance the common good in their local communities. Each United Way acknowledges that the issues facing Maine are more complex than any one person or organization can solve on their own. That is why the United Ways in Maine work collectively to affect positive change for everyone in the state of Maine.

United Ways of Maine Vision Statement:

In 2023, United Ways of Maine will be known as a strategic leader in creating positive change for the people of Maine.  On one or two big-picture goals we will have a common agenda and shared measures which we and others who share our priorities all understand, and on which we work steadily and achieve measurable results.  We will be a recognized authority for these big picture goals and as a result, policymakers, partner organizations, the media and others will rely on us for information and ideas.  Businesses and individual donors will know and trust more about us and as a result, they will be actively invested in our priorities and in us. We will collectively leverage these connections to increase and diversify our revenue sources and cultivate advocates and volunteers while working in partnership with communities. Additionally, we will work together to advocate and educate about issues of shared importance.

We are sharing work, helping each other, reducing any redundancies, saving staff time, and operating as efficiently as possible.  We will have processes, technology systems and ways of working together that align with our commitment to continuously learn from one another and we will routinely and effectively leverage one another’s work.  We will showcase and celebrate each United Way’s success – because a success for one is a success for all.

Whether a day or ten years from now, we will have a keen appreciation for the individual uniqueness of each community and will not waver in our respect for the deeply local nature and independent governance of each United Way.   We acknowledge this and are excited about the possibilities of having even greater impact on our communities and the State of Maine by finding ways to work more closely and deeply together.

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Collaborative statewide projects include: